Sunday, May 11, 2014

PennyGrab's New Rules on Buy Now Produts and Gift Card Auctions

As of 5/11/2014 We have decided to change the rules on buy now due to our new efforts in offering gift cards to the masses at discounted prices and new ongoing marketing campaigns that will drive more everyday auction winners.

We believe this will be a great way to save money on our auctions. We would like to thank each and all our members and look forward to celebrating upcoming 3 years anniversary at PennyGrab Auctions.

at PennyGrab Bid Credits are just fifty (50¢) cents, you can win gift cards, ipads, computers, watches, purses a is a great way to enjoy entertainment shopping and enjoy top brand name products at a discount!

PennyGrab Team

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Gift to You! New Auction Lockout feature on PennyGrab for New Years 2014

We thank our members feedback, The  new Auction Lockout feature on PennyGrab has already showed some positive feedback and we appreciate the continuous emails we get from our Members.   The auction lockout feature is quite simple…

Auction Lockout works like this:
Fifty consecutive bids need to be placed on the same auction and the “locked sound” and locked bid button will turn on, the user who placed the fifty (50) consecutive bids has 3 minutes to continue placing bids on the auction to win. For every fifty (50) consecutive bids placed the 3 minute countdown will be reset. If the auction has not been completed by the user who locked the auction after three minutes, the auction can be unlocked for other participants to join in the auction. continues to innovate in 2014, we look forward to releasing our very much anticipated iOS application that is still in beta mode. We believe the entertainment auction industry is only going to thrive in the coming years ahead and we wish all our Members a Happy 2014!


Al Benyameen
CEO / President

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Server Issues

To our PennyGrab Members

We are experiencing server issues, currently reboots every 2-3 times a day and can happen anytime of the day, we are working on this issue daily, we apologize any inconveniences this may cause you.

We would like to thank each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgving from the PennyGrab Team! Celebrate with us this year Thanks with 5 Free Promo Credits to anyone who wish, Promo Code: TURK


PennyGrab Team

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Buy it Now Rules on our Popular Mystery Auctions

When you speak we LISTEN. As you all know we love feedback from our players here at PennyGrab!

By popular demand we have now made the Buy It Now (BIN) only available to the top two purchased credits bidders on all our Mystery Auctions. We believe this change is beneficial to all players that run bigger items. Most agree second place should be rewarded for being a great competitor and now they can be rewarded with a smoking deal on the item they where trying to win!

Top 3 bidders can still get the Buy It Now on regular auctions and our bonus prize penny auctions. Please remember that all Buy It Now's have to be at least 10% off before you can purchase it.

With this change we have also Lifted the buy it now limit on all electronics!

We here at PennyGrab would like to thank all our Members for your continued input on making PennyGrab a great penny auctions site where it's FUN TO SHOP and FUN TO WIN!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Sure how Random Reserve Auction Sites Work?


Random Reserve Auction Sites have a predetermined randomly generated number which is created during the auction creation process. We call this the "Reserve Ending Price"

New BIN Rules (BUY NOW)

We have updated our sites Buy Now to Better Serve You! Now only the Top 3 Bidders can "BIN" the auction, there is only 1 BIN per auction. Our BIN structure pricing starts at Amazon Prices (usually the lowest on the internet) than each time a purchased PennyGrab credit is used on that auction it will reduce by .10 cents each time, for example if a $1000.00 Walmart card had 1000 credits places on it, that Walmart card would be $900.00 a whopping $100.00 Savings, this is why PennyGab is the place for Truely low Prices! We also have changed BIN Blitz Token Entry Page to 5%.

We here at PennyGrab would like to thank all our Members for your continued input on making PennyGrab a great auction site where it's FUN TO SHOP!

Friday, September 14, 2012

We're ending summer with a bang! Spectacular savings and the hottest of the hot: iPhone 5!

Guess who has the iPhone 5 at the lowest prices! That's right, we're bringing in the iPhone 5 and as you have come to expect from PennyGrab, we're selling them at prices NO ONE can match!

As you know, the all new iPhone 5 has tons of new features, a slick new design and interface as well as new hardware and utilities to make this the hottest version of the hottest piece of electronics in a decade. Because of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can expect your new iPhone 5 to be the envy of all your friends!

And to make sure that you are prepared to begin your bidding on the new iPhone 5, we're having a super hot end of summer savings event! By logging in to penny auctions today and entering Coupon Code: PENNYBOARD you can save 15% OFF on each Credit Pack we offer this weekend only!

Now, we know everyone by now is asking "what's Penny Board?" Penny Board is PennyGrab's newest game that anyone can play for FREE at anytime (up to one time per day) so long as you're a registered Member. To play, visit the Penny Board page and from there, select four (4) squares, if any of the 4 squares match, you win that (matching) item! Just remember to login daily to play, that?s it!

Well, not exactly ?it?, there is one more thing to say about Penny Board; Once per month, we?ll be throwing in a very special prize for someone to win on Penny Board. So when you win, be sure to share with your fellow Members your accomplishments!

You can win anything from Gift Card to promo credits. And because it's a free to play game, we highly encourage everyone to login once per day to give your match making skills a work out! But don't worry, it's easier than it looks and we can't wait to begin shipping out the winnings to all you happy people!

Not enough? Really!?

OK, so how does 5 Free Promo Credits to all sound? Login and enter Promo Code: PENNYBOARD and collect your 5 Free Promo Credits too!

Who has the iPhone 5 at the lowest price?!
Who will help you save an extra 15% off on that brand new Apple iPhone 5?!
Where can you win an iPhone 5 for free by using our Free Promo Credits?!

This is what you've come to expect from PennyGrab and we're delivering on your expectations. It's what we do. It's who we are.

OK, now everyone go do a happy dance and then join us in chat to let us know what ya think!

Friday, July 27, 2012

As the 2012 Olympic Games Begin, PennyGrab Offers 12% Off Credit Packs Penny Auctions announced today a savings spectacular for all Members to help celebrate the US Olympic team in London.

From Friday, July 27th through Sunday July 29th, all Members can take part in PennyGrabs 12% OFF SALE using Promo Code GOUSA which comes just in time for an Olympic weekend filled with all new inventory on the webs number one Reserve Auction.

While many penny auctions have come and gone over the past year, recently celebrated their 1st anniversary with a huge blow out of low reserves, huge discounts on credit packs, as well as bringing in new games, new items to win as well as community events like the weekly Group Grab Friday.

If you've not experienced a Reserve Auction site, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised. Reserve auctions, unlike normal penny auctions, allow each and every Member to win on an equal basis without fear of "power bidders" or worse... such as penny auctions that utilize shill bidding in order to increase profits.

Not only does do away with the above, but they also bring high quality items to the table, every single day. An example would be their brand name Coach Purses and Bags, to the Google Nexus 7 which seems to be out of stock everywhere else online. Somehow, PennyGrab seems to find all the hard to find yet highly sought after items that everyone wants.

Be sure to check out PennyGrab this weekend and discover not only fantastic savings over any other penny auction, but the quality you should have been demanding from the competition and the best customer support system to be found anywhere.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fast Approaching PennyGrab's 1 Year Anniversary Event to Bring Extraordinary Savings!

It's been an amazing 1st year here at We've not only had some fantastic savings and deals, but we've managed to donate to Toys for Tots, we've got really great Members and our love of loves. We've continued to innovate and help lead the charge against fraud sites using shill bidding!

But mostly it's seeing how happy so many of you get when you get those excellent deals on PennyGrab! Believe it or not, all of us here at PennyGrab routinely get excited when we see your Screen Names winning a lot of items or getting those unbelievable deals. So we figured what better way to celebrate our 1st Anniversary than by making a 3 day saving spectacular for all our Members!

From Monday July 2nd - July 4th we'll be celebrating with our Members by offering extraordinary deals and savings on our most popular items and our most beloved Auction styles.

Join us and you'll find unheard of savings for this 3 day event! Savings far and above what you've normally come to expect from penny auctions.

Be sure to "Check In" on our FaceBook page (not mandatory however!) and let us know that you'll be attending! We'll also be sending out an email as a reminder to Members who've elected to get our emails.

We also want to take this moment to thank each and every one of our Members for such a great first year. From day one, we have had Members join us every day, expanding not only our Member base, but our knowledge base as well. While we do our best to answer each and every question, it's the wisdom and experience that you all share with old and new Members alike that help make PennyGrab what it is: A place to not only win auctions and get penny deals, but to be a part of something that can?t be constructed; A group of like minded friends.

Penny Auctions are virtually a dime a dozen (or is that a penny?), it's the community that we feel sets PennyGrab apart and above all the rest. Sure, we have amazing deals on virtually anything you could possibly want? however deals are only one part of this well oiled machine. The greatest part of PennyGrab is you? and we want you to know that we will never, ever forget this.
PennyGrab penny auctions

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's time for another FAQ Day!

While we do our best to address any questions that arise through chat or email or phone... we thought we'd post up some of the most frequently asked questions again in hopes that this will help in some way for those who've not contacted us.

Q: How do I know if I've won?

A: When an auction is over, the main image of the item will display "SOLD" in big bright letters and no further bids will be allowed to be placed. If you are the Winner of an Auction, you will receive an email and you will also see the words "WINNER" and your user name on the auction screen.

Q: How do I use Blitz Grab?

A: Blitz Grab is a fun and unique way for Members to place any given number of Credits on an Auction. So for example, let's say you have a feeling an auction may be ending soon and you want to try to lock others out from bidding on it, you can place a certain amount of Credits on that item and the system will play each of the Credits until you either win -or- you've used all the Credits you've placed. Any Credits not used (e.g., if you win in fewer credits than you've placed in Blitz) will be instantly returned to your account!

Q: Can I trade my won items or Bonus Plays with other Members?

A: Yes! Visit our Marketplace, where you can trade your items that we've not shipped yet with any other Member. From Gift Cards to Gold to Gaming Consoles, if you want it or want to trade it for something else, you can almost always find someone interested!

Q: What are Blitz Tokens? How do I receive them?

A: Blitz Tokens are the prfect answer for those who take part in our "Buy Now" feature. They can be used at the end of a Blitz to ensure that you can get a fantastic deal on the same item through the Buy Now! Blitz Tokens can be gained by purchasing a 500 -or- 1,000 credit pack or by winning them in our Blitz Token Auctions!

While we're very proud of all we have accomplished we're always looking for new and innovative ways to not only make your #1 Entertainment Shopping website, Penny Auction, as fun as possible... we also thrive on the success of our Members. If you have ideas, feedback or questions, please let us know!

We also have many new things coming all the time! From great items to new games and new ways to win, at PennyGrab YOU are our most important Member... and we are doing our best to ensure a smile for all, everyday!